Advancing Canada’s cybersecurity ecosystem through research & development, commercialization, and training.

The National Cybersecurity Consortium is a pan-Canadian network that works with public and private sectors to lead world-class cybersecurity innovation and talent development and to increase cybersecurity-related economic activity in Canada.

What we stand for


We will promote and cultivate collaboration and partnership opportunities between academia and the private and public sectors.


We will build innovative cybersecurity systems to establish economic growth and sustainability for Canada and Canadians.

Research and Innovation

We will build and sustain robust research and development partnerships with industry.


We will integrate the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion across all areas of the NCC’s operations and promote an inclusive organizational culture that values diverse perspectives and contributions.

Knowledge Sharing

We will create a knowledge-sharing community in which access to expertise is available anytime, anywhere from experts and peers.

Human Resources Skilled in Cybersecurity

We will develop and offer training programs that meet the true cybersecurity needs of the private and public sectors.

Areas of Focus

The National Cybersecurity Consortium cultivates collaboration and capacity-building across five areas of focus.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Human-Centric Cybersecurity

Network Security

Privacy and Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Software Security

Funding Opportunities

The National Cybersecurity Consortium supports the growth of Canada’s cybersecurity ecosystem through industry-university collaboration. It advances Canada’s cybersecurity ecosystem by providing support in the following three areas.

Research and Development




The NCC understands that tackling Canada’s cybersecurity challenges will take the sustained and collaborative efforts of many. Its partners include:


Research Centers