2024 Call for Proposals

At the National Cybersecurity Consortium, we are helping to build a future where Canadian organizations are global leaders in cybersecurity. 

We are working to help Canadians feel safer and benefit from the prosperity that comes from advancing and creating new cybersecurity products and services that are meaningful across the country and around the world. 

In our first call for proposals in 2023, the NCC committed $11.2 million toward 20 individual projects that will help foster a strong national cybersecurity ecosystem and position Canada as a global leader in cybersecurity. With a total project investment value of $39.2 million, these projects represent a diverse range of activity, from building a cyber-resilient secure 5G network using AI to offering a hybrid master’s program in cybersecurity analytics.  

With funding from the Government of Canada through the Cyber Security Innovation Network (CSIN) program, the NCC will provide additional funds through its 2024 call for proposals to support initiatives that: 

  • Support research and development projects with Technology Readiness Levels (TRL)1-6 via the design and implementation of innovative cybersecurity technologies, advancing the “state-of-the-art”, and supporting studies into emerging cybersecurity issues.
  • Support commercialization of new technology with TRL 7-9, developing products and services that address cybersecurity challenges in critical infrastructure protection, human-centric cybersecurity, network security, software security, and privacy protection.  
  • Provide and build opportunities for training, upskilling, and reskilling of cybersecurity professionals across myriad disciplines.  

Eligible Organizations 

Organizations that carry out their activities primarily in Canada are eligible to submit a proposal.



Non-for-profit Organizations 

Streams & Matching Contributions 

The National Cybersecurity Consortium supports initiatives with funding from the Government of Canada through the Cyber Security Innovation Network program. Three submission streams were considered as part of the 2024 Call for Proposals.

Information Sessions

The National Cybersecurity Consortium is offering a series of pre-recorded information sessions to guide you through the application process. These sessions provide insight into the call for proposals and how NCC membership can benefit you and your organization.

Application Process

The 2024 Call for Proposals is designed to be a simplified and streamlined process making the steps smoother for applicants. Applicants must successfully complete three main phases in order to receive funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Putting together a funding proposal can be an involved undertaking, but the National Cybersecurity Consortium team is here to support applicants during the process. We compiled a list of questions that our team is frequently asked to help you prepare your application.

Important Dates

January – February

Pre-launch Online information Sessions

January 31

Letter of Intent (LOI) Submissions open 00:01AM PACIFIC time

February 21

Questions and Answers Webinar

February 29

End of the LOI Submission Period 11:59PM PACIFIC time

March 15

Project Proposal Submissions Open 00:01AM PACIFIC time

April 26

End of the Project Proposal Submission Period 11:59PM PACIFIC time

May 13 – June 28

Evaluation Review Period

July 1 – July 28

Administrative Submission Period

August 1 – 31

Administrative Application Review Period

October 16

Announcement of Funded Projects

Download our Guides for the Call for Proposals

2024 Call for Proposals Guide

Learn more about the 2024 Call for Proposals.

Pre-Award Program Guide

Learn more about the entire funding program.

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