It's time for a new generation of Canadians to meet in Charlottetown.
Il est temps qu’une nouvelle génération de Canadiens et Canadiennes se réunissent à Charlottetown.

A blueprint for Canada from the next generation of Canadian leaders.


In just 72 hours, delegates in 8 teams — each with their own theme— worked together to define the major opportunities and challenges facing Canada and describe their goals for our next 50 years. Drawing on the Horizon Talks, as well as their own personal experiences, the delegates have laid out a plan that reimagines the country’s future. The New Canada Conference Ideabook is a publication for anyone who is passionate about the country’s future.

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Come discover the story of today’s Canada — and tomorrow’s.

In 1864, 23 delegates from four British colonies met in Charlottetown to discuss an audacious idea: creating a new political union that would cross a continent and unite a country. Three years later, Confederation was achieved and Canada was born.

In the spirit of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference, the New Canada Conference brought 100 young Canadians from every corner of the country together to reimagine their country’s future.


Anniversaries are important occasions to look to the past, take stock of the present and plan for the future. As Canada celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference, and looks ahead to its national celebrations in 2017, we want to think about the choices, forces and ideas that will define Canada’s future. What kind of country are we becoming? How will we be known to the world and ourselves in the decades to come?

The New Canada Conference brought together the next generation of Canadian leaders to answer these questions. Over the course of 72 hours, they heard from leading experts, shared their own perspectives, and debated and discussed different paths and choices for the country.


How can we better understand the forces likely to compel change in Canada?

The New Canada Conference was about ideas and imagination. The Conference was pleased to feature keynotes by two visionary Canadians: Dr. Irvin Studin and Hayden King. Along with their colleagues who provided 8 additional Horizon Talks, describing the changing context in different fields of endeavor. The New Canada Conference speakers challenged the delegates to think deeply about the issues facing the country.

Our Horizon Talks:
  • Dr. Ryan Meili, Health and Well-Being
  • Melissa Mongait, Creativity and the Arts
  • Josh Paterson, Justice and Equity
  • Jesika Briones, Environment and the Economy
  • Stephanie McGrath, Technology and Media
  • Dr. Paul Kershaw, Learning and Social Development
  • Dr. Stephanie von Hlatky, Canada in the World
  • Dave Meslin, Civic Engagement and Social Cohesion
  •  Dr. Irvin Studin, Imagining Canada
  • Hayden King, Indigenous Canada
  • Heather Moyse, Power of Sport

PEI 2014 aims to create an unforgettable 150th anniversary year to celebrate and commemorate the Charlottetown Conference of 1864 and PEI’s role in the formation of Canada. More than a celebration, PEI views 2014 as a chance to honour the past, celebrate the present and plan a bold tomorrow.

All said and done, PEI 2014 will deliver a year-long celebration that unifies and inspires PEI, Canada and Canadians.

PEI 2014’s celebration program aims to offer something meaningful to all Islanders and Canadians, integrate and support Canada’s overall vision for the national sesquicentennial in 2017, leave a positive legacy for Islanders and Canadians past 2014, and celebrate the rich diversity PEI brings to the nation.

For more information — or to view specific events — please visit the PEI 2014 website at